Ocean-Springs cornerOcean Springs Genealogical Society, Inc.

P.O. Box 1765

Ocean Springs, MS 39566-1765

Membership and Meetings

The Genealogical Society meets on the first Thursday of each month at 6:00 P.M. in the meeting room of the Ocean Springs Library located at 525 Dewey Ave., just south of the City Hall, in Ocean Springs, MS. Guest are welcome to attend our meetings. It is recommended that they bring a list of their SURNAMES and some genealogy information that they are researching. Refreshments are usually provided at the end of each meeting.

If any person would like to join and become a member of the Ocean Springs Genealogical Society, Membership is $10.00 Per Year, per household, both single and/or Family (Husband and Wife). Memberships are from January through December of each Year. Any member joining in December is credited through the following year. Any one joining before December pays for the current year only and is subject to pay dues the 1st of January of each year. Members are entitled to receive a copy of the Year Book, the Society Newsletter as it is published monthly depending on the volume of information to be disseminated.




1990, 1998, 2000, 2013 – 2015                                  David Kuhl

Old O.S. Depot
Ocean Springs Welcome Center

2012 – 2013                                                      Linda Robinson

2010 – 2011                                                         Joyce Griffith

2008 – 2009                                                      Anne Anderson

2004 – 2005                                                   Richard G. Evans

2003, 2006 – 2007                                               Frank Cannon

2002                                                                        Ed Dorroh

2001                                                                      Elaine Miller

1999                                                         Regina Hines Ellison

1997                                                    Lettie White/Elaine Miller

1996                                                                     Leona Lowry

1995                                                               Harry McLemore

1993 – 1994                                                         Charles Fiske

1992                                                          Douglas Kirkpatrick

1991                                                              Jo Ann Carothers

1989                                                                   Judy Hetchler

1988                                                                    Carol Gipson

1987                                                                 Maryon Capers

1986                                                                     Betty Moore

1984 – 1985                                                          Marie Begue

1983                                                             Stephanie Reinike

1981 – 1982                                                    Pauline Entreken

1979 – 1980                                                            Hazel Monk





President                                                                David Kuhl

1st Vice-President                                         Theresa Sparkman (Programs)

2nd Vice-President                                                      Ann Miller (Membership)

Secretary                                                     Theresa Sparkman

Treasurer                                                       Norma Herrington

Librarian                                                                 Lettie White




Newsletter                                                              Lettie White

Archives                                                                 Lettie White

Publicity                                                                   Dave Kuhl

Yearbook                                                                 Dave Kuhl

Assistants:     Genevieve Gans; Norma Herrington

Refreshments                                                  Genevieve Gans

Website                                                Lettie White / Dave Kuhl

FGS Coordinator                                                                 Theresa Sparkman





At meetings those present may contribute $1.00 to the Society’s Treasury. The raffle winner selects a book costing up to $30.00 and notifies the OSGS Librarian what to purchase.

The winner has an opportunity to review the book before it is presented by OSGS to the Genealogy Section of the Ocean Springs Library.

A book over $30 may be selected and the selectee pays the difference. Multiple monthly winners may pool their winnings toward the purchase of an expensive book. Books may include CDs, or other items of genealogical interest.