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President                                                                David Kuhl

1st Vice-President                                         Theresa Sparkman (Programs)

2nd Vice-President                                                      Ann Miller (Membership)

Secretary                                                     Theresa Sparkman

Treasurer                                                       Norma Herrington

Librarian                                                                 Lettie White


“The object of the Society shall be to collect, preserve and disseminate knowledge and information with reference to genealogical and related historical, biographical and heraldic data: and in these fields to inculcate and promote interest in research, and to stimulate and provide instruction in the use of efficient mechanics and adherence to scientific principal of accuracy and thoroughness in research, to champion and advance ethical standards and to discourage and oppose incompetent and disreputable practices of researchers, to foster careful scholarly writing, and to issue publications.”

The Society originated in 1978 through the efforts of and by members of the 1699 Historical Committee and has progressed beyond the point of thriving wholly on membership dues and donations. The Society accomplishments over the years include, donation of books and materials to the Ocean Springs Library, publishing genealogy research tools, producing a monthly newsletter, and sponsoring genealogy workshops and seminars.